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Onpoint Madarao' Booking Policy.

Here is everything you need to know, as of December 1st, 2020.

Onpoint Madarao hotel rules.

  • This is a smoke-free hotel. Smoking is prohibited within the hotel and at the hotel entrance. No smoking in hotel rooms, bathrooms, toilets, lobby, restaurant, and bar area.
  • If you would like to bring your own wine or champagne to the hotel this is perfectly fine with advance approval from the hotel staff before your check-in date. There will be a bottle charge per bottle.
  • Our kitchen is not available to guests staying with us. We cannot allow guests to use our kitchen for cooking their own meals. 
  • Please do not bring outside meals to eat at the hotel. 
  • Cooked food and bento boxes made at home are prohibited from being stored and eaten in the guest's rooms or hotel. 
  • Snacks such as potato chips, cookies, chocolate bars, and soft drinks are allowed.  

Check-in & Check-out times.

Check-in: 16:00 pm
Check-out: 10:00 am 

Early check-in or late check-out is subjected to bed/room availability on a relevant day, which can then be reconfirmed with the front office staff at guests' request.
A room not occupied by 21:00pm of the day of your check-in will be seen as 'No Show', unless prior arrangements have been made between the guest and hotel.

Booking with Onpoint Madarao.

We have a minimum of a 5-night stay booking policy for the winter season of 2024/25 and onwards.

To secure your room reservation with us here at Onpoint Madarao, a 20% deposit (domestic bookings) of the total booking fee is required and payable by SQUARE secure digital payment. The deposit is non-refundable and non-flexible.

A 50% deposit (international bookings) of the total booking fee is also available to secure your booking with us at Onpoint Madarao, also payable by SQUARE secure digital payment. The deposit is non-refundable for winter season bookings, but-flexible so that you can reschedule your stay with us in the event that you cannot make your check-in date. **The rescheduling is subject to room availability and will require advance notice of 7-days prior to check-in date. In the event that you wish to move your reservation/booking to a future date, the outstanding due balance of the remaining 50% should be paid in advance to secure your new reservation dates. .  

  • All winter season deposits are non-refundable.

  • During the green season, the 20% deposit is refundable if canceled 30-days prior to your check-in date. A cancellation after the 30-day limit will not be refundable.

  • If your reservation is made within 30-days of your check-in date a refund will not be possible.

  • A 40% deposit for 'Green season' is non-refundable after our 30-day cancellation period, but flexible within 7-day's notice prior to the check-in date. Your booking can be moved to another date subject to room availability.

  • A 40% deposit for 'Winter season' is non-refundable, but flexible within 7-days notice prior to the check-in date. Your booking can be moved to another date subject to room availability.

  • A 'No show' on the date of check-in will also not be refundable.

Once all of the reservation details have been confirmed, and you have agreed on the rates, we will then proceed to send a digital invoice for the reservation deposit. The outstanding balance can be paid upon check-out via cash or credit card at the hotel front desk.  

GoTo Travel Campaign discounts.

**Currently suspended until further notice.***.

In compliance with the Japanese government, we will be participating in the GoTo Travel Campaign which offers a '-35% OFF' discount on your booking reservation with us and an additional '+15%' of Digital coupons/vouchers to use where accepted in the local prefectural area.

  • For Japanese citizens, a photo ID card is required for proof of address and proof of identity.

  • For foreign nationals living in Japan, a copy of the front and back of your Zairyu card (Alien registration card) is required for proof of Identity and home address in Japan, this will be required for all guests staying with us who wish to successfully use the GoTo Travel campaign (including children).

  • For US Military personnel/service staff, proof of military status is required for each guest staying with us including service staff/spouses/children.

  • The GoTo Travravel campaign is scheduled until the end of January 31st, 2021.

  • The Japanese government has the power to extend/cease/suspend/cancel the GoTo Travel Campaign as and when they see fit.

  • We can only honor the GoTo Travel Campaign if the government allows us to do so. We cannot be held liable for discounts that have been granted by the Japanese government that might be canceled before or during your stay with us.

  • We can only honor our own private hotel discounts, from the hotel directly to guests.

  • The rules of the GoTo Travel campaign could change at any time and we will comply accordingly to the government's requests.

During these very unpredictable times, there have been and will most probably be more ongoing changes/extensions/suspensions/cancelations to the GoTo Travel campaign to help keep the Japanese economy afloat and intact.

Unfortunately, these changes and offers are completely out of our reach and control. We will do everything in our power to make sure that we can give you the best service to the best of our abilities. We will try to make every guest's stay with us a memorable experience not to forget.


We thank you all for your patience and all of your continued support. 


GoTo Travel Campaign Booking Policy



with GoTo campaign.

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